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Open Device and Data Integration Platform for Industrial IoT

Manufacturers, municipalities and building operators own critical assets, from HVAC to transportation and robotic systems, whose output, efficiency, and safety can be transformed with data. The digital transformation needed to map data from these assets to analytics and automation demands an edge computing architecture comprised of IoT, wireless and LTE/5G, and industrial control systems - that seamlessly integrates with modern IT infrastructure. This requires an integration platform built on open networking and data standards that does not lock in user data, is extensible to both legacy and emerging IoT and controls protocols, with the freedom to process workloads at the edge or in the cloud. Reference : www.dialog-semiconductor.com

Dialog's edge computing platform weaves an industrial IoT-centric 'data fabric' that can connect any edge device - whether a sensor, meter or a machine - horizontally to its peers or vertically to automation and controls services, industrial and operational systems, and cloud or edge AI and analytics (IoT data fabric infographic). Furthermore, we remove the complexities of distributed control networks and we provide simple, secure access to the underlying device data with the software tools and support you need to build your edge application.


A fully managed IoT platform experience to visualize, supervise, analyze and ex-change data from any siloed automation, function specific application or integrated IoT system. A Building Operation experience empowered by Industrial Edge computing technology channeling the strengths of an Open Internet of Things IoT universe and manifesting the attributes of an Artificial Intelligence AI model. A comprehensively Intelligent system with readily customizable features extending into a Cloud enabled Solution that delivers an ultimate user experience.